So, I’m 28…uh…as of two hours ago…well, sometime yesterday I suppose.
Don’t feel much different, didn’t think I would.
At least I’m not the only 28 year old that I know of living with my folks. There is one other, and he CHOSE to do it. So I feel better. ^_^Now I will sleep and then maybe workout during the daytime…maybe.


  1. Olletho

    *hugs* *grin*

  2. matt

    Hey, it is that time of year again!
    My apologies.
    I’d forgotten that May 31 is the deadline for all contest entries, and the birthdate of a certain contestant. 🙂
    Many happy (if belated) returns!
    [Note: The following links contain all the pop-ups you’d expect from a tripod or geocities website. Why do I suddenly want an X-Cam???]
    [Check out CyberTWERPS and MechaTWERPS]


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