I’d like to take a moment and thank Doug and Gail for hosting an amazing dinner on Saturday. The food spread was unreal and they are just excellent cooks and hosts.


Now, other stuff. It occurs to me that I already talked about New Years, so I’ll talk about something else.

Sunday there was a power outage sometime in the evening, right in the middle of watching Grey’s Anatomy. Luckily the laptop still had power, so we finished that episode, then it died.

We decided the best thing to do is just curl up by the fire(gas fireplace, kept us from freezing) and read. I think I was about 1 minute into my book when Tara looked at me and said “I’m bored”. Well, so was I. So what we decided to do was just curl up together, and the best way to do that was to push the two couches together and create our own little bed.

It was awesome. We had pillows and blankets, and all in all it was really comfortable. We lay there talking to each other about memories of our childhood, where we first remembered growing up, some things our families did. We were both loving it. So much so that, when the power finally did come back on, we quickly turned out all the lights and just continued.

I think it was the best Sunday evening I’ve spent in some time. Just to talk and be that close to her. Something I’ll always remember.

And now, the present.

Just signed Tara and I up for dance classes. Ballroom as we have to brush up on our dancing. We took classes some time ago, but haven’t really practiced it. I’ve also finally signed up for my guitar classes. So for the next two months, our Tuesdays and Wednesdays will be busy. It’s kinda nice actually. I miss taking classes.

We haven’t started our exercise routine yet, just waiting for Tara to get over a really terrible head cold that turned into a nasal infection and then went back to a nasty head cold. But once that’s done, then we’re gonna setup ourselves on the Wii Fit and the usual basement exercises.

Oh, and my monitor finally came back from Samsung. They have to work on their email notifications thought. I got three emails, saying that it was received, fixed and then shipped all within 5 minutes. Then it shows up at my door. Which is totally great. Now I can stop using my old 17″ CRT which was taking up a ton of space on my desk. I don’t think I could go back long term.

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