Bonus Day

Today was a bonus day for Tara and I.
She had Remembrance Day off and I took it as a vacation day so that we could spend it together.

We had a leisurely breakfast with two trips to Mac’s for slushies(the close Mac’s has gross slushies, so I had to make a second run to get the good ones), did some sanding and painting, hung a light fixture, and did some Christmas shopping.

It was a good trip as we got a lot done. Now I just have 5 people(other than Tara) to shop for.
So I just have to get off my duff and do it.

Every year my family does a ‘secret santa’ thing and this year I got Tara.
I’m not worried about not keeping that a secret as I kind of let it slip a few times.

Our gift to each other this year was a masage table, and it’s pretty awesome. We use it a lot and it makes giving a receiving a masage so much easier. Not to mention more comfortable.

It was a good bonus day, and it’ll be the last for awhile, so we made it count 🙂

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