Bowling etc

Going our bowling again tonight with Tara.
I think she got a hankering for it now 🙂
We’ll try a right sided lane tonight to see if that helps her a little.
Then, maybe ice cream. Won’t help with the bowling but it does taste nice 😀

Trying to get a media box up and running. I have ubuntu loaded on a different machine and it’s running XBMC fairly well.
However, when it stops playing a video(at least over the network) it tends to freeze a little. For like a couple of minutes.
Not really helpful.
But it does connect over the network well and plays the vids, so I think it’ll mostly work for us.

Tara and I watched Twilight the other night. Neither of us really knew what to expect, but what we got was Vampire 90210.
It was rather terrible. Maybe it was a better book or something?

Watchmen was enjoyable. Not sure if I’m going to rush out and see it again or anything, but enjoyable.
Tara hated it, wants her 3 hours back 😉

I really should clean my office one day. Promised Tara I would do it before her mother showed up.
And I will, I just have to…do it.

Anyway, off to bowl!

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