Brain Pain

My brain hurts.
Not sure why.

It’s a rare occasion where I get a headache, and nothings happened today that I think would have caused one.
It’s been a pretty calm and peaceful day all things considered.
And it’s heading into the long weekend, which is always a good thing.

So why the brain pain?

Who knows?

I successfully painted the rust portion of my car last night.
I started this endevour on Sunday; cleared the rust, did the primer and then painted.
Then I removed the tape…and half the paint.

Started the whole process again on Monday and finally finished last night. Doesn’t look too bad really. I just have to apply a clear coat, do some buffing/sanding, and it should look pretty decent.
Don’t get me wrong, it won’t be flawless, but then again, I didn’t spend $500+ either ^_^


  1. sidekickca

    Oh yea, that’s exactly what I need to think about ^_^


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