Brakes Pt 2

Did the rear brakes today.
Took about 2 hours total, which is pretty good.
They really needed replacing, they were warn down pretty good.
And the last people to do them(VW) goofed with the tension springs(I think that’s what they’re called).
See, with the back calipers, there’s these two spring things that I assume keep the pads in place.
There’s one at the top and one at the bottom. Well, the dude that did it put on spring on top of another, doubling up the bottom spring and not having a top spring at all!
I mean, really?
I saw how it was supposed to be done on the one side, you’d think he would have seen that too and said to himself; ” I wonder why there’s only one spring? Oh well”
Oh well?!
It’s not a critical error, but it might have been enough to do some damage I would think!
VW Techs FTW!
Actually, VW Techs For The Stupid.

I did it right.
They guy following a $20 maintenance book that’s not well illustrated!

And I do feel better about my instruction following abilities.

Too bad the clutch/transmission is making a weird noise.
Maybe it’s just low on fluid.
I really hope that’s the case…

And Tara comes back in 3 hours!

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