I feel cool.
Changed my front brake pads, and didn’t kill myself!

All in all it took 2.5 hours.
2 hours to do the drivers side, 30 minutes to do the passenger side.
That makes sense I guess. Doing the same thing the second time is always easier than the first.
And now I have all of Saturday to do the back brakes. Apparently they’re a wee bit harder. Needs a special tool and the like.

There was a moment of panic when I thought I might have stripped a bolt, but it looks like I didn’t.
Which is good, since that’s a big mistake to deal with.
There was also a new light on the dash!
But that was me being stupid. I forgot to put the lid back on the brake fluid overflow. Once that was on, light went off.


I really have nothing else to report other than Ubuntu 7.04 is out.
I think I might spend the afternoon upgrading the laptop tomorrow.

I mean, it’s not like I have real work to do!

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