Well….heh, there’s a lesson.

My main goal was to spend X per week on food and the same amount on whatever.
Thinking about it, I figure that spending 2X on just whatever(food, etc) would be the same.

So the idea was to take that money out at each pay period, put it in my wallet, and when that ran out, I was done.
I forgot to do that, and have just been using my debit card.
Since I forgot to take something out for dinner tonight, I was just gonna get a little something, so I check the bank account.
According to my budget…I have $9.88 until Friday.

Scratch that.

All that being said, it’s a good lesson in how quickly one can burn through money if you’re not paying attention.

And no, I don’t think I’ve set my spending limit too low, I just have to think more on purchases.
Mostly glad I didn’t get that $12 robot toy 🙂
It was kinda junky anyway.

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