Build and Repair

I finally changed my fuel filter yesterday.
And, despite my best efforts, I didn’t set anything on fire.
But I really really tried!
Other than all of that, it went smoothly, and I’m liking the control with learning to do things on my own.
Makes me feel special and warm inside…but that could be the fire talking…

Also built a Stikfas traveling Monk to take with me on my journey’s, where ever I happen to be going.

I should really do something with my Stikfas army. I think I have about 10-15 figs, and I’m thinking of actually painting them and doing something with them.
Don’t know what that something is yet, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out.

Oh, and as of about two hours ago, I’ve downloaded 67865MB this month.
Yes, this month, all 16 days worth.
I might want to curb that a little before they cut me off or something…

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