You know you’re in the suburbs when, just after Italy won the world cup, there is one guy standing outside yelling:
Italia, Italia, Italia!

One guy. One very proud guy ^_^

The game was cool, it had everything:
Yellow Cards
Red Cards

What more could you ask for? And what a headbutt it was. That’s a headbutt to be proud of.

This week, I attempt to organize my life a little.
I have made a calendar with things that I want to do this week, and it’s looking pretty sweet. At one point I was doing the same thing day in day out, and I thought that would get old fast.
But now, oh now, I’m doing different things! Woot!

Mondays, since they’re kind crappy anyway, I clean. Tuesdays, I read(I’m looking forward to that), Wednesdays, the lawn and Thursdays are ‘lab’ days, when I fart around with computers and try to do useful things.
Plus, I have daily dog training in there, and some other random stuff that I can’t remember at the moment.

I also have to fight with Ubuntu this week on the main system. For whatever reason, with the latest relese(6.06) you have to launch a live Linux before you can start installing.
What sense does that make for those of us that know we want to install it? Sure, it works well for people new to it. They can poke around and say “Hey, this is pretty snazzy, let me install this”.
But for me, not so useful. And to make matters worse, either there’s a slight problem with some hardware, or the Live kinda sucks this time around, but it won’t launch on my main system.
So I can’t even install 6.06 from scratch if I wanted to!
I can however install 5.10, then upgrade to 6, which means downloading 600Megs of data everytime I want to try this. What fun!
Maybe the Kubuntu cd will work a little better.
Oh right, the reason I bring this up; my sound card gets turned on 50% of the time. Maybe this is a glitch that I didn’t notice in 5.10, but before I tried the new install and upgrade, I never had a problem with the sound.

Everything seems to run fine on the laptop, maybe the desktop is just a little flakey.


  1. flying_squirrel

    I thought the Live/install CD idea was kinda neat. But I can see what you mean about hardware detection problems. I assumed it had more to do with cutting down on the amount of testing they had to do. A Live CD with install is probably easier to test than a Live CD and an install CD…

  2. sidekickca

    Live CDs are a neat idea, when you don’t know if what they’re offering is what you want. But I do want to install Ubuntu, so having to sit through the live setup(assuming it worked) before I’m allowed to install is just plain irritating. And this has changed since the last version, sorta.
    I think they had a live CD, and a big old DVD that had both. So I’ve always used the DVD and just typed in ‘install’ in the initial command line.
    That’s what I’m missing, the ‘just install the damn thing’ option.

    But yea, it would be easier to test a single path as apposed to multiple paths, I just wish they hadn’t gone that way.

  3. sidekickca

    I might look into that alternat install.

    Seems now Ubuntu(and probably other debian based distros) are adding software that isn’t necessarily needed, but also not providing a useful way to uninstall it. CUPS come to mind. For those of us without printers, there’s no need for this, yet it get’s updated all the time, even though I don’t use it. But to uninstall it, I have to get rid of a Ubuntu.Desktop package, and that sounds kinda important….

    Computers…who needs ’em 😛


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