Business trip

Sitting at the Charlotte airport, waiting for my flight to board. I’ve been lucky and was able to take an earlier flight home as there’s really nothing left for me to do here.

I’ve been in Charlotte since Sunday, and it’s been stupid hot all these days. Tara and I checked WeatherEye before we left, and it was supposed to be 47 with the humidity. Ugh. When you walk outside, it’s like you’ve been placed into a pressure cooker. It’s a wall of ugh as soon as you go out. I was hoping that I would be indoors for the most part, but the travel to lunch/client building was all on foot, and kinda killer.

It also doesn’t help that my nice shoes tried to kill me at one point. Seems I haven’t broken these in well enough and have killer blisters on both feet. But now I’m in sneaks and it’s all good.

Yes, it does sound like I’m complaining a lot, but there’s been a lot of good on this trip to counter. I’ve met with the clients, transferred some knowledge, and generally feel good about this new role. I’ve also met the rest of my newish team, and they’re a high energy crowd that’s totally dedicated to our success. I think working with them will be a pleasure. I’m lucky that I don’t have to travel often. It’s not something I signed up for and it’s not something that I really want to do at this time.

Charlotte itself is a lovely city. Round about the same size as Ottawa and just as clean and friendly. In fact, I’ve never been anywhere where people have been so nice. But the drivers don’t signal. That drives me just a little batty.

I managed to get some sushi while I was here, but it was all you can eat, and buffet at that. It was freshish, and for $9 I couldn’t complain too much. But I did eat a little too much and felt it. 🙁

Tuesday morning was a nice Skype call with Tara and Liam, a great way to start my day 🙂

Then I got a call from Tara this morning saying that the washer didn’t drain and partially flooded the basement. But it was only the side with all our stuff in it, not the other almost empty side. It’s time for a new washer. Not that we have the money for that, but that’s just the way it works.

I can’t wait to get home(I’ll post this when I’m already home as there’s no free wi-fi at the airport this time).

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