Busy Weekend

At least for us it was.

Saturday, after Tara let me sleep in a little, I took Liam out do to a little shopping so that Tara could catch some more sleep in peace. Liam has entered the ‘screaming randomly’ stage, and it makes it a little difficult to sleep 🙂

We popped out to Shoppers to get coffee(it was cheap at $6/can) and I should have enough now until it goes on sale again. Then off to Zellers to get cheap shirts while they still had them in stock. This is a big pet peev with Zellers. They have all these sales and no stock. And the cashier was being a ditz so that didn’t help matters. But I got me some shirts. Tara reminded me later that I should have gotten shorts too. Arg!

Then after some lunch and organizing, we got our butts in gear and headed to the Dragon Boat Festival at Mooney’s Bay. It’s one of those things that I had always meant to go to, but never really got around to it. There was a free shuttle from Carleton U to the festival, and the driver was nice enough to let us sit on the air conditioned bus while he was waiting for his time to go.

It was such a nice day to be out, and when we got to the beach part, there was this wicked cool breeze coming off the water. I think we could have stayed there all day 🙂

We enjoyed the beach for a little longer and then wandered into the festival itself. I have to say that there really wasn’t all that much to do. The vender tents weren’t anything special and there wasn’t a whole lot for kids to do. Granted, Liam would have been too young anyway, but just saying. We did catch some of a magic act, and that was pretty good even if people kept standing directly in front of Tara. I mean really, are people just that rude?

Back to the beach it was. Tara and I enjoyed our lunch, Liam enjoyed his bottle, and we all enjoyed the beach. But it was getting late, and Liam had already missed his afternoon nap, and really didn’t nap well during the morning, so we didn’t want to push it.

That evening we found the answer to “Wonder what would happen if the dog ever caught a squirrel.” Well, we know now 🙁 There was a commotion outside, and it sounded like a squeak toy. But there was the squirrel, all dead like, but thankfully not eaten. I suspect she “played” with it more than anything. But it required burying, so that’s what I did. Poor thing.

Sunday was even busier. It started early with scone making(thanks to my lovely wife) and a church breakfast to welcome new members. This was only about an hour, and I chatted with people I had known for some time that decided to go back to our church. Then a little downtime(as in about 20 minutes) and off to my parents church as they were dedicating a plaque to my Grandmother. That ran longer than I had expected and we were a little late for our lunch with one of Tara’s friends. Not that she minded. It was a good lunch and Liam was behaving himself rather well 🙂

Then a little more down time before dinner at my parents place. My Aunt and Uncle from BC were here and we did a Fathers Day BBQ. As a future reminder, for some reason, hot dogs don’t sit well anymore. For either Tara or myself. But I still crave them on occasion with KD.

All in all it was a busy, but pretty awesome, weekend. And it was Fathers Day, which is cool as it was my first. Since Tara was a little under the weather, we’re more likely to do FD stuff today, but it’s always nice to have quality family time with my family 🙂

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  1. matt

    Sounds like a great weekend overall!

    Seems everybody is under the weather these days (perpetually)… Family, friends, co-workers… Anyhow, hope Tara’s on the mend soon!


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