Calm after the storm

To say the least, Tara is feeling much better.

We were at the emerg room again last night, but this time we weren’t so lucky as to the duration.
See, Thursday night was 3 hours total.
Last night…6. Same stuff being done.
Mind you, they were a little understaffed.

Tara was a little disappointed that they kept telling her that there was nothing they could do other than give her fluids and send her on her way.
Children of nurses always know better than that, but try telling that to the doctor.

Anyway, after all that, and some major sleeping in, she’s keeping food down and getting some well needed rest from other things.

With any luck(not wanting to jinx it) she’ll be mostly better tomorrow to join my family at second Christmas.
Because we needed another reason for turkey.

Actually, it’s my parents idea, they needed leftovers. 😉

Monday brings the start of some new years goals and next weeks pay cheque is the start of the new budget.
Speaking of which, I should work on that and make sure I know what I’m doing.
In as much as I ever know what I’m doing 😛

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