Canada Post

You know, it’s a miracle that anything sent through CanadaPOst arrives at it’s destination in one piece.

Let me tell you two stories.

1. I ordered an MP3 player from FutureShop. After making the order and checking to see if it shipped, I realised that the postal code was wrong. No problem right, I mean, the rest of the address is perfectly fine.
Well, apparently no one at CP reads addresses, just postal codes.
After delivery was attempted to the wrong location(based soley on the PC), it was delayed another 2 days as they tried to figure out where I lived.
2 Days!
When they could have just read the address that was right there on the freaking box!


2. Working from home. My office window faces the supermailbox.
Mail dude in his mini-van shows up to load the box. Pulls out two large boxes and places them on the van.
At this point I wonder if he’ll remember they’re there.
Then he backs up, boxes still on van. Hmmm. Maybe he’s backing up to deliver?
No, just a random house. Then he drive off. Boxes still on van.
At least he doesn’t get far as he delivers boxes to my place.

So yea, can’t read an address, and delivers boxes via van top.

Canada Post, you suck.

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  1. thinkschematwo

    I’ve never had the good fortune to witness that… though they do always tick the “No Answer” box when delivering to the apartment (every freakin’ time — for every freakin’ person in the building!).

    So, I just assume if it’s coming by Canada Post I’ll be picking it up at the postal outlet (thankfully it’s nearby).

    Just don’t get me started on Purolator! I really dislike those folks!


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