Candy overload

Tara and I are doing a candy bar for the wedding. This means that we have to run out and buy a poop load of candy. And you know, that’s a lot of fun!
So yesterday we wandered out into the world in search of good, yet not stupidly priced, candy.

Our first mistake was Sugar Mountain. You would think that a store, in fact a chain of stores, that does nothing but sell candy, would be a little cheaper. It’s not. All their bulk stuff is 2 cents a gram. Which isn’t *that* bad, I guess. With that, we nabbed a ton of these chocolate mint ball things. Then we saw these little candy sticks, going for 49 cents each. Not bad really. We looked around and found that they were also in these larger tub things, so we grabbed the tubs, grabbed some bags, and went to the cash. We told her that we were going to get $20 of each flavor and that they were 49 cents. She looked around for the code to punch this in, and told us that they’re not 49 cents, they’re $1.49 each.

Huh? Wha?

I pointed to the little card on the tub, where it shows 49 cents. I then pointed to the other card on the other tub that also stated 49 cents. She looked a little baffled and said no, they’re $1.49. Tara and I looked at each other, put the sticks away, and paid for our chocolate.

The next store was called…um…the Candy Store, I think. It was very fru-fru and but had all these nice salt-water taffy things in a ton of colours. Expensive, but nice. We bought nothing.

Then the bulk barn. Where they had wonderful salt-water taffy, sugared ju-jubs, and, cool, those candy sticks. Price? 5 for a $1! Oh, and they were the same brand.

Take that Sugar Mountain! And your stupid prices!

So we walked out with $150 worth of candy. Most of that came from the jelly beans, but they’re *awesome*!

We’ll have to go out and get some more, but that’s another day and another…umm…something….


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    So let me get this straight. You’re going to have a candy bar AND a pregnant woman (I’m refering to myself right now) in the SAME room?? You may need to make more than one trip back to Bulk Barn. IF you find anything SUPER sour, GET IT! I will be forever in your debt. =)


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