Can’t leave well enough alone

I’m thinking of trying out some new Linux distros. Well, not new, but different than Mandrake.
I like Mandrake, it’s easy to set up, pretty easy to use, and generally hassle free.
Unless you want to use it alot.
See, for the most part, it’s just being used as a web server and a place to collect email. And it does it pretty well.
But the day-to-day stuff, and general experimentation, well, that’s where it gets a little irritating.
Things aren’t where they should be, and if they are, they aren’t exactly the right thing.
That sounded so much better in my head. Anyway….

I was thinking of just reinstalling Mandrake and not installing everything under the sun, and doing some manual install stuff on my own. This way I know where things are and where they should be.
But just as I was thinking of that, I figured, why not try something new.
So I was thinking of:
And even Slackware.

I might not do it on the main system though, I’ll see if I can scrap together enough parts to install Linux and use it for a week at a time.
Just to get used to the different…stuff.

Then again, I might just scrap the whole plan, it’s been known to happen ^_^

But I would like to try a couple of different distros. Not sure why, but I guess I have nothing better to do.

I should get the new page designed. It’s not at all coming along I’m afraid. I can’t seem to pick a new design that I like.
Actually, I just can’t sit down long enough to make something new.
Attention span of a 2 year old I tells ya.

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