Car stuff

I guess this is the wonder of being a car owner.
Sure, you get to go all over the place and potentially do exciting things, but like Visa, sooner or later you have to pay for it.
And I’m paying for it today.

I drop the car off to get an oil change, tired rotated and the timing belt changed. I knew ahead of time that the belt change would cost me, so I was braced for it.
What I wasn’t braced for was the water pump leaking. Damn.
And the thing with those is that they really could go at any time. Like half-way to Florida.
And they seem to cost a furtune. But I’m starting to wonder about that.
Anyway, I was also fortunate enough to buy my car when VW had the WORST warrenty in the business, 80K powertrain.

So it looks like it’s gonna cost me $1200+taxes….+taxes….

Oh, did I mention worst warrenty in the business? And I’m at 92K?

Now for future repair work I have to debate taking it too a good mechanic now that I’m out of the warrenty thing.
I have to find said good mechanix that does good work on VWs…not just normal domestic cars. I feel there’s enough of a difference.
The thing is of course is that they won’t offer nice shuttle services and the like…

And now maybe I can add that performance chip….woot, more money spent….

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