Car Stuff

So the car’s finally fixed, and I finally got the old CD player removed.
And because I’m not so swift, I got VW to do it, and it cost me money. Probably more than it was worth really, but it’s done now.
And I’m going to try to sell them on ebay, my first ebay venture.
Should be, interesting ^_^

I’m also getting the chip in on Saturday, so that should be a lot of fun to boot around with ^_^
And I think I’m gonna change my oil, all by my little loansome. Jim says he’ll watch me fail at it.
That’s why I hang out with him, his positive outlook on things.
I have the ramps, and I’m just hopeing that the car doesn’t fall on me. That would kinda suck.

I should probably buy oil before I start this, I’m sure that would help.

I might also head down to the wreckers this weekend to see if I can pick up some spare bits. Maybe a second hood, the rear fin, maybe some other odds and ends. That all depends on how much the want for this stuff, for if they want too much, I won’t want to pay it.

I think I also might start putting some money aside for car stuff next year. I know I’ll be putting money aside for house stuff, but I might be putting more aside than I can afford ^_^
But I’ll ‘work the numbers’ and see what’s gonna work. The house type monies are more important than car monies. While I’m sure I can live in my car for short periods of time, it doesn’t tend to have the same re-sale value as the house would.

Yes, saving money for a house. I’m all growed up.

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