Car Stuff

Spent most of the evening(when I wasn’t coding) ripping out stuff from the car.
And I mean useful kind of stuff.
Does this look important?

And then of course I had to have it next to the laptop so it looks like I’m doing something important ^_^

Anyway, the pics aren’t bad from the camera phone, 1280×960, no flash though.

What this is, is the wiper motor and linkage from the car. I think the motor is fried and I have to replace it.
On the upside, the replacement is only $73 Canadian, but the shipping is around $20.

It’s not at all hard to replace. In fact, it was easier to remove the motor than it was to get the second wiper arm off. It was stuck on there good!
Actually, the motor does seem to be stuck on the linkage rather well, but I think a little well placed force should fix that. As long as it doesn’t break the linkage, that’s more expensive than the motor!

Anyway, I should get back to that work thing.

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