We found out last week that our cat Ringo has diabetes.

I didn’t even know cats could get diabetes. But it would explain the sudden weight loss. He went from 17lb in May to 12.3lb just last week. So that’s a lot or weight to drop off in that time period for such a small animal.

We actually took him to the vet to get his tooth checked out, but apparently that’s the least of his problems.

We’re kinda beside ourselves right now, thinking that we had done all that the vets told us in terms of feeding, but apparently not. It seems that the dry kibble is the worst thing to give him as it’s high in carbs and lower in protein.

So we’ve taken him off that and just stuck him with the high protein wet food, and he’s eating it like there’s no tomorrow.

Also, we’ve started on twice a day insulin injections. I guess the main thing to watch out for is to not give too much. If in doubt, skip the injection. She had to make sure to stress this.

The insulin is the same stuff you give to people, as apparently it’s easier to come by. But we’re going to try and follow up with the vet next week.

So we’re going to set up a schedule to make sure that he’s not missing shots. This does mean that I’m working from home all the time now, and that’s fine by me.

The actual shots are pretty easy to give, so easy in fact that we’re not 100% sure we’re doing it right 😉

So we get to watch him a little closer now, feed him the good stuff more throughout the day, and it’s entirely possible that he’ll go into remission.

That would get great, and it’s the goal we’re going for.

Other than that, he’s a pretty normal cat 🙂

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