Catch-up 2

I know, I missed, but in the spirit of the idea that I’m supposed to blog everyday, pretend you read this on Monday 🙂

Drove Tara to work, so that means up at 5:45…which is a little earlier than 7 🙂
The drive in was much better than I thought it would be(freezing rain all night) and by the time we were on the highway it switched to normal rain.

The noon walk was a little nasty, as was the work parking lot.
Yes, I actually went into the office today!
And tomorrow, and the rest of the week actually.

We’re starting something new, and the plan is to do some self/group training this week.
However my boss is running around trying to get the old team sorted.
Growing pains. I can relate.

The evening was nothing special. Played some more Eve. Now that I have a sugar daddy I can spend the extra bucks and get some decent equipment. And also my skills are getting up there so I have more to do as well.
Apparently later, when I’m leet enough, I’ll get to play with the big boys 🙂
Until then, I run the dinky missions(which have upped difficulty since the new ship) and make a little scratch.

Also mostly watched the season ender for Terminator, but I think I’ll download it and rewatch it, there are parts I missed.
It’s not a bad show, but I’m not really sure where it’s trying to go.

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