Catch up

Wow, after a month of daily posts, I took a bit of a break it seems 🙂

Not to say that nothing’s been going on, I’ve just been busy and forgetful.

Let’s see:

-Tara and I went to The Moulin in Wakefield for a nice romantic night. It had a jacuzzi and a fireplace, but I think we spent most of our time in the jacuzzi and it was awesome. We’re thinking that we need one for home now. Also, as a note, there’s nothing to do in Wakefield, but it’s not far from downtown, so that’s where we went for dinner.

-Got a call from the animal hospital the next morning saying that they had Quanuk. That was just a little disturbing as I had left her with my folks. Turns out the little bugger found a weakness in my parents fence(the door hadn’t been closed properly) and wandered out about town. She was however picked up by a nice guy not at all far from my parents place and he dropped her off at the hospital where they scanned her and called my cell. Little bugger 🙂

-Thursday morning I had to drop Tara off for a 7am rally at the PMs house. That was just waaaaay to early for both of us.

-Today I’m continuing on my quest to catch up on work stuff, and I think I’m making some kind of progress. It’s not perfect, but it’s a hell of a lot better than the end of last week.

-This weekend is still kinda busy for Tara and I. There’s a few house things we want to get done for our little party next week, and we want to move the bed that’s in the basement to the spare room(better on Tara’s back) and I really should get those Christmas lights up 😉

Anyway, break times over, back to work!

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