Command Line

I love me a good command line application. In the age of Windows, I hardly get to use them these days though. I mean, you can only get so much excitement from ipconfig. Work does allow me to use command line options to a certain degree. We connect to these AIX servers in our main […]

Habits (mostly Bad)

We all have them. Good, bad, productive or not, we all have some habits we like and some that we don’t. I’m of the impression that I have more bad than good, but that could just be my perspective. What got me thinking of this today was washing dishes. When I have to manually wash […]

I’m sick, and it sucks

That, and AVG is now picking up some Blackhole virus from my wordpress install. Joy. On the upside, I can always reinstall wordpress in a matter of moments. Tara thinks that I should change providers, and you know, with recent history, it might not be such a bad idea. Anyway, I’m sick, and it sucks. […]