Only a few days left

Well, there’s only a few days left at this house. It’ll be sad to go, but sorta nice to move on. I guess. I’m the kinda guy that gets used to a situation very easily. And where change can be fun it’s also a big disruption. I guess I’ll get used to my new situation […]

Having Drunk too much….

And I know I shouldn’t go to sleep just yet. But I can’t help think that I really really should. Iron Maiden always helps in these situations. It makes me think that at people older than my parents are living the heavy metal lifestyle. This makes me happy. I really should look harder for a […]

More woes…

I think I’ve tracked the re-booting problem down to a faulty power supply. At one point the only card that I had plugged in was the video card and it rebooted again. If it is a faulty power supply I’ll be happy, since that’ll give me an excuse to get a new case ^_^ This […]


Packing up the remains of the computer room. Didn’t realize that the simple act of taking down posters really makes it look like I’ve done alot. It’s getting bare in here now. Alls I have left is it pack and move the computers to my parents place and disasemble the shelves. Going to miss the […]

More computers….

OK, so the good news is that the network card looks like its fine. THe bad news is the rest of the computer might be poo. Well, maybe not that bad. But it rebooted again while I was in the middle of NeverWinter Nights, and at this point the network card wasn’t even in the […]


I was reminded last night about how soon it will be before I have to move out of this house and in with my parents. I don’t like moving, but it does give me an opportunity to see what of my crap is junk and what is possibly useful. As usual, most of it is […]


Ya know, this whole weblog thing is kinda fun. I get to update it from anywhere that has access(thanks to my l33t skillz)(and the fact that I put a login button on the main page), and people can add comments and stuff…. Not that they have, but they will ^_^. Yesterday was spent cleaning and […]


(Really from last night) To and from Montreal in a day. Easy task really. Getting to Montreal is a breeze, coming home is a breeze, navigating within Montreal is a little tricky. To be honest, this was the easiest time in Montreal ever. I guess third time lucky. We did the normal Montreal things; looked […]