2010 in review

A the year draws to a close, I’ve been requested to update my  blog because I’ve been a slacker 😉 To say that 2010 has been a busy/exciting year is a wee bit of an understatement. It started out pretty simple. Tara was getting into the swing of her new job, I was working from […]

Twitter Updates for 2010-12-22

is happy to be free of "cranky/fussy/I don't want to sleep but I'm tired-refuses to be content" baby. Note:Not all formula is created equal # Powered by Twitter Tools

Twitter Updates for 2010-11-30

Seriously, Netflix, how am I supposed to pay tribute to Leslie Nielsen if you don't have any of his movies available!?! # Powered by Twitter Tools

Twitter Updates for 2010-11-23

I love Dropbox because it's the cross-platform syncing app I've been needing for a long time now! http://db.tt/HodIjjM # Powered by Twitter Tools

Twitter Updates for 2010-11-16

@pvponline RE: Tree, we put ours up on Saturday night. in reply to pvponline # Powered by Twitter Tools

Le Opps

Well, it seems I’ve dropped out of NaBloPoMo again this year. I had a strong start, and then, well, dropped the ball. Oh well, there’s always next year 🙂 In the mean time, I dropped off the main PC to the shoppe, and they say it’s the power supply(yes, it can happen) which I found […]

Sunday Stuff

Once again the main computer has decided that it’s going to play the “I refuse to start” game. I accidentally told it to shutdown insead of reboot, and it took my advice to heart. It’s not something I fully understand. I mean, the thing reboots well enough, it just seems to have a stop/start issue. […]

What are you watching?

Jen reminded me to watch The Walking Dead. Well, the internet reminded me that it was on, I downloaded it, and Jen reminded me to watch it. To say the least, it was the best zombie TV show I’ve ever seen. It’s also possibly the only zombie TV show I’ve ever watched 🙂 But that […]

Crib Time

Last night was Liam’s first time in the crib. It’s funny to see that, while he’s almost outgrown the bassinet, he’s soooo small in the crib. And it gave us a chance to try out the baby monitor, and I’m glad we did as it has it’s little qwirks. It has a motion sensor pad […]

Nothing really today

Title says it all. Is it day 2 and I’ve run out of steam already? No, the day just got away from me. I really should do this in the morning when it’s a little more quiet. But quickly: Liam is up to 9lbs 4oz Tara and I made calzones for the family, and they […]