D&D: The Next Generation

Today, with a group of my friends, Liam and I played Basic D&D. Yes, it was old school, red box D&D, and from all accounts, everyone had a good time. My good friend Ben thought that, since we were all in quarantine, we might as well make use of video conference tools and do an […]


So I played my first game of Pathfinder yesterday. It’s basically D&D 3.75. Not really having played anything since 2nd edition, it was a little bit of a learning curve to start, but I think I got the hand of it near the end of the game. For the most part(as I understand it) they’ve […]

Character 3×5

What I really wanted to do was condense the really helpful parts of my character on 3×5 index cards. Basically to make it easier to look up stats and the like. However, it started to dawn on me that I was doing that for the sake of doing it, and it wasn’t really that helpful. […]

Polyhedral Heaven

There’s just something cool about getting new dice. I’ve been looking forward to it for a little while now. I picked up the following sets: http://paizo.com/store/gameAids/dice/byManufacturer/chessex/setsOf7/v5748btpy749m http://paizo.com/store/gameAids/dice/byManufacturer/chessex/setsOf7/v5748btpy7499 The item picture is the one at the top. Cool in person too 🙂 Going to get a whole D&D kit setup including printing on index cards for […]


So I joined this local D&D gaming group, and our first game is on the 25 or the 26th. Can’t remember. And do you think I can find my dice? Nope. I did find all the d6 I’ll ever need, but nothing else. And unless D&D is now a d6 only game, this is going […]

Weekend Update

Lots happening this past weekend, or at least it seemed that way. Had Simon over on Saturday, and that was a ton of fun 🙂 He tired us out rather easily though. Who knew two year olds had that much energy. His main concerns were the cat(Kitty Out, Kitty Up) and apples. Apples! You had […]