In Reflection

This is only the second time I’ve been able to complete NaBloPoMo, but it’s the third or fourth time I’ve tried. On the whole, it seems like an easy task: Blog once a day, every day, in November. Who can’t do that? But on the times I’ve failed, it’s because I’ve forgotten to do it. […]


I’m really bad at it. Really. Bad. Just tonight I got all my December plans messed up. Granted, I can usually turn to Tara to sort me out. She has a much better head for this kind of thing. And I’ve tried to get organized. Task organizers, To-Do managers, you name it, I’ve tried most. […]

Christmas Decorating and whatnot

This weekend has been full of decorating the house for Christmas. Tara really gets into it, and I’m right beside her enjoying the time. We got the tree up, but no lights or decorations. We also have snow flakes and whatnot hanging from the ceiling. It makes for a really cool effect. We also managed […]

Short n’ Sweet

Busy day today. Work. Christmas decorations. Park time. Dinner with a bunch of doctors. It was Tara’s work party tonight, and in summary; no matter how much money you make, white guys still can’t dance. Doesn’t stop them from trying(me included). Good time though. Good food, friendly people and an open bar 😉 How was […]

Of Fans and Elbows

For the past few days I’ve been trying to play Left4Dead. And between 30-60 seconds into it, it freezes, then unfreezes, then freezes. Thinking that maybe it needed to be reinstalled, I did that. And no dice. Then I tried Darwinia, a little less graphics intensive. Nope. Hmm. Pop the side of the computer off, […]

Time Killers

Everyone knows you have too much time on your hands, and I’m here to help with that. I have been a time waster for many years, and I’ve recently found a few more ways to kill time on the internet, and I thought I’d share them with you. *Note: I cannot be blamed for loss […]

Santa 1: Liam 0

Tonight we thought it would be a cute idea to get the gang together to do a shoot with Santa at the local mall. Liam did such a good job last year we figured he would be fine this year. We figured wrong. I’m guessing his eyesight hadn’t fully developed last year. This time around […]

Free Software

And this means really free, not just free to me because I’m a terrible pirate kinda guy. I’ve made a real effort in the last few years to explore and use as much legit free software as possible. Mostly because: most of them are awesome it’s a pain dealing with unlock codes/engines So let’s begin […]

Cop out #2

I invoke my second cop out of NaBloPoMo as it’s Monday, and nothing interesting ever happens on Mondays 🙂 That, and I feel I’m winding down somewhat. It’s been a decent month of blogging, and I’ve done fairly well. Anyway, off to regroup and hopefully come back strong 😀

And you thought I forgot!

Well, I almost did. It was a good and busy Saturday with the family. We shopped, we baked, we dipped pretzels in chocolate(awesome!). And how did you spend your Saturday?