Age over Ability

Liam has really become a strong swimmer. Since the start of last summer he has been going into the deep end, with a life vest, but otherwise unassisted. He’s even going off the diving board and able to swim back to the wall on his own. Heck, taking Liam to the pool has been pretty […]

Best laid plans

This weekend was supposed to have me finish tiling the front hall and all that came with it(closet, bathroom, etc). Tara was going to take Liam to a nice hotel place right on a beach so that I had the weekend to work. Well, that didn’t happen exactly. First there was a demon storm that […]

Roll your own

Just recently(yesterday actually) a friends site got compromised by malicious jerk wads. Again. And not too long ago another friend got his site pretty much blown off the planet by another group of these asses. The common thread is that they were both running WordPress at the time. And so am I. Now, I don’t […]

Car Tunes

Tara and I have very different musical tastes. They do cross at times(mostly 80’s pop) but for the most part they don’t. In the car we tend to listen to Top 40 or News Radio, and these days it’s mostly news as we’re tired of the “witty” banter on the other stations. I want to […]

Practice Converstions

I pulled into the parking lot of the local Macs store, and I could see inside two youth’s dressed in MegaDeth shirts. I had on my usual polo and long shorts, with sandals. My hair wasn’t styled, so it had a wispy look to it. Not at all MegaDeth like. In fact, if it wasn’t […]


Another Christmas has come and gone in what seems like a flash. As usual, there’s so much build up and then, boom, it’s all done and all you see around you is wrapping paper and left over turkey. We were in town this year for the holidays, as we’re going to try every other year […]

Tis the Season

We’re really gearing up for Christmas in the Fuller household. I think we finally have the tree fully decorated, and I think at one point we might have to cull the decorations a little. But we managed to fit them all on, and it’s looking pretty awesome. I also got the lights up, but obviously […]

Slow Work Week

There are advantages to being in a country that’s not America. Ok, I’m sure there are a lot of advantages, but one of them is staggered holidays. We had our Thanksgiving last month, they have it this week. What this means for me is that all the clients I normally have to deal with are […]

Cheap Shaving

The night before my first day of high school, I started shaving. Actually, at around 3am on the first day of high school, I started shaving. My mom dropped off a ‘campus kit’ when she thought I was asleep and as I was too nervous to sleep, I shaved instead. I didn’t cut myself or […]


Today I finished reading my second book this year. I know it’s not a super huge accomplishment for most people, but for me it is. And, I read them both on my iPhone. I used to read, alot, and now for some reason I don’t. I’m sure there are plenty of good excuses out there […]