Second day doing the increased weights, and I’m not dead. If fact, I think this whole increase thing is good, and I will continue with my little plan until my arms fall off.

It has come to my attention that I too am a comic genius. Just like Andy Kaufman, I tell jokes that only I get. Oh, and for some reason, my counter display has changed. I didn’t alter the code or anything…. Tonker sent me this link, BOBO would be proud! Radiskull IT ROCKS!!!!!

Yes, the SideKick has purchased himself a vid cam, a nice one too. You know what this means? UNDERGROUND PORNO!!! Actually, no. What it does mean, among other things, is that I can take pics of my models and post them on the page. This is a good thing. It also means that I have […]

Well, it seems that all the friends that I don’t talk to enough (some for years) don’t hate me. This is a good thing! I’m making more and more plans to see people I haven’t seen in….ages…ages.. And it looks like I’m going to two anime cons this year, Anime North in May and Anime […]

According to Direct Domain (where I got my domain name), my record for the most hits in one day is: 1768! And that was yesterday. Seems now that I’m averaging more than 1000 hits/day. Hell, maybe one of those people might actually VIEW my page! Imagine that! A hit where my page is viewed, not […]

Since I started working out, I’ve noticed that I get more and more pimples on my chest and arms. I tell ya, some days it’s like playing with bubblewrap… After visiting a large HMV and seeing their new ‘Electronica’ section, I was asked by a friend what the difference between ‘Electronica’ and ‘Industrial’ were. The […]

Having just watched MI2, Blade Runner and Tron this weekend, it has occurred to me the that present isn’t as cool as it should be. No flying cars, no replicants, no artificial intelligence, nothing. I don’t know who’s responsible for this, but I’ll find them, and they’ll pay. End of Line Oh, and it took […]

So drunk that I can’t type straight. Tomorrow is going to hurt. I have to stay up so that I don’t die the Hendrix way. If you don’t know whast I mean, then it’s niot importnat. Limp Biskut isn’t the typing skills. I fell like I don’t have full control over my hands. I […]

12:56 am, and I’m downloading games. First Person Shooters to be percise, because they are fast and pointless. Things I’ve learned while watching The 6th Day: # Anyone who was in the military will have a sucessful career after they fight a war. # In a really tense moment, someone will say something witty. # […]

I was watching Spin City, and something stuck in my head..”Bread can become toast, but it can never become bread once it is toast.” Deep. With the Federal election looming, I’ve been trying to become informed. And like toast, it was easier being bread. I’ve read the platforms, listened to the lies, and have decided […]