Today I finished reading my second book this year. I know it’s not a super huge accomplishment for most people, but for me it is. And, I read them both on my iPhone. I used to read, alot, and now for some reason I don’t. I’m sure there are plenty of good excuses out there […]


There’s this show on HGTV called “Live Here, Buy That” and the general premise of the show is pretty interesting. People take the current value of their home and then see what that will get them in different parts of the world. And it’s not astronomical amounts of money. Well, sometimes it is(at least to […]

Coffee and Tea

I’ve been a coffee drinker for as long as I can remember. It started in high school, but usually at night with friends. I think it was college, living on my own, where I really started. And I drank a lot of coffee during the mornings. Usually two to three mugs. And since it was […]

Of things to come

As per usual I had meant to do a much more involved post for the start of this month, but the day got away from me and here I am again doing, this. But this year I have less of an excuse as I’m able to blog rather well from my iPhone. Yea for WordPress […]

Tweet Friday 2012-10-12

DJ Liam on the soundboard 🙂 # @thinkschematwo it's the soundboard at church, I'm the sound tech once a month. He did hit that master vol and caused some nasty feedback 🙂 in reply to thinkschematwo # Powered by Twitter Tools

Tweet Friday 2012-10-05 # At the allergist with Liam to see if he can have peanuts. So far he's had 6 M&Ms with no reaction. And the test showed all clear, except … # Except to cashews that is…. # Looks like the next project is the deck, just in time for winter… # @flying_squirrel not […]

Tweet Friday 2012-09-28

Happy 2nd birthday Liam! Now if only the rain would stop 🙂 # I think I'm watching the first episode of Dora. Origin stories are always slow…. # Powered by Twitter Tools

Tweet Friday 2012-09-21

The old episodes of Thomas are full of violence and insults…and Alec Baldwin # If your on Netflix, watch Thomas, races and rescues, the stuff of nightmares…and the giant boulder from Indiana Jones # E # Waiting for the bus at Wings over Gatineau, hopefully mister likes all the planes 🙂 # Name your price […]

Tweet Friday 2012-09-14

Just found him hanging out… # #WaWaWia Celebrating parents' anniversary with Nicolas Cage faces. # Why is it that all I want to listen to these days is "through the fire and the flames"?…. Or Gangnam Style…. # Powered by Twitter Tools

Tweet Friday 2012-09-07

@thinkschematwo I thought I was behind on movies 🙂 just saw The Avengers. Check your brain fun 🙂 in reply to thinkschematwo # Dinner of champions! # Powered by Twitter Tools