Starting Over

In just over one week, we pack everything we own into a 6×12 trailer and drive across the country to our new home in BC. When we land, we’ll land with family, but land jobless and probably tired. We would leave behind family and friends, our own home and jobs that no longer exist. It’s […]

Brazil Day 3 and 4

I’ve gotten a little behind as I was writing these at night in the hotel room. Day 3 ended with “happy hour” as it was the best way they could put it. It just meant we went out to snag some drinks and something to eat. As I am in Brazil, I would like to […]

Brazil Day 2

So again today I am glad I didn’t actually rent a car. What the hell was I thinking? I mean, if you brought the average Ottawa driver into the middle of Sao Paulo and let them drive somewhere, it would take about 3 minutes flat before they got into an accident. And it would have […]

Brazil Day 1 (mostly)

The day really started with the trip to the airport. No, the day really started with waking up with my wife and hearing Liam chatter on the monitor. We invited him into bed and he almost stayed for an entire 5 minutes, but wanted to head downstairs to watch Dora(or trail, or diggers, he kept […]

Habits (mostly Bad)

We all have them. Good, bad, productive or not, we all have some habits we like and some that we don’t. I’m of the impression that I have more bad than good, but that could just be my perspective. What got me thinking of this today was washing dishes. When I have to manually wash […]

Back to the Office

I think it’s been about three years that I’ve been working from home. However, it’s only been since last November that it was made official. What did that mean? It meant I could also bring my other equipment home with me. Which was really nice to have as VNC over a VPN is VS(very slow). […]

Ideal Job Qualifications

This was a writing prompt from the NaBloPoMo site, and it caught my attention. It used to be simple; the ability to wear jeans, wear sandels and have a good sized cubicle. When I joined IBM, I had all three(eventually), but I find myself wanting more these days. I used to just want to be […]

Christmas & New Years

This Christmas marks the first time Tara and I have been able the holidays together. We were both looking forward to it all year really. And it was a wonderful time, I must say. Bascially what we’re going to do is switch every year, and since we’re saving up for the wedding, it made sense […]


People often say that Mondays are bad, but Tara and I are under the impression that Tuesdays are actually worse. Yesterday was a long day at work, but at least it ended. This morning was a lot of scrambling looking for code and instructions and some misunderstanding on my side. It was an evil morning. […]

New Lappy…ish

It’s been some time, but I was finally able to get the work lappy reloaded. For the longest time it’s been acting all sluggish and just annoying the hell out of me. It’s been acting this way since the day I nearly killed it. See, what happened was that I closed the lid(as I am […]