Character 3×5

What I really wanted to do was condense the really helpful parts of my character on 3×5 index cards. Basically to make it easier to look up stats and the like.

However, it started to dawn on me that I was doing that for the sake of doing it, and it wasn’t really that helpful.

However, taking a queue from the PA/PVP/WW D&D podcasts, I summed up all my spells and Feats onto 3×5 cards. This way I don’t have to look anything up and it’s all right there when I need it.

That to me seems pretty helpful. So that’s all I’ve done.

Now to work on a back story(not huge, just enough) and general character traits to round out the guy.

The DM asked us to do this before rolling up the character, but I got that email too late 🙂 So now that I have everything rolled up, I’ll make up the story to match.

Makes more sense to me anyway since I tried to make my character as random as possible.

Meaning that, even though I’m a sorcerer, I get to choose a blood line. I rolled for that, then rolled for the elemental power for that blood line.

So now I make something that matches. Should be pretty fun.

And of course a name. I mostly suck at that.

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