Chit Chat

This is one of those necessary life skills that I just completly suck at.
I only call it necessary because everyone seems to be able to do it, everyone but me of course.

It’s not like I’m anti-social, I just have a problem starting a conversation if I have nothing on my mind.
It’s not likely I’ll start talking about the weather, I can look outside and find out about that.
The best I can generally come up with is, “What’s new?”
And that’s only after I haven’t seen people in a while, otherwise, I know what’s new, I don’t need you to tell me because I already know.
I can’t talk for the simple sake of talking. I’ll answer questions, try to ask questions to carry the conversation if it seems interesting, but the instant it gets a little dull, or doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere, well, I’ll stop talking.

This is especially true with people I don’t know, mostly staff at stores and the like. People who I’ve never met, and am not likely to talk to ever again. But we get into these little conversations. They generally start, something about a “sale of DVDs, how they don’t have cable but don’t miss it, that they would buy a TV show on DVD because there’s no commercials”. I nod politly and say something like, “Just makes life easier doesn’t it?” And then maybe I’ll throw in a little “Well, my collection is getting out of hand, I so I have to be choosy about what I buy and can’t just pick up everything in the $5 bin”.
Then that’s it. That was my best, I have nothing else to offer after that. I could answer a direct question, but really, I just want to go.

Listen up ladies, “Worst date evar!”

But that might be different if I WANT to get to know the person. I might ask the usual barrage of questions, and when I get to know their likes and dislikes and all that junk, then MAYBE, maybe I can start in on a random story. The problem with my life is that most of the time, the things I find amuzing about it, are the moments you really had to be there for, or know me for a good long time to picture the events properly. Otherwise it’s kinda lost on you. That, and I have a really slow internal censer, and things that start to sound amuzing really shouldn’t be said aloud, but by the time I figure that out it’s far to late, and I just have to try and recover from a really stupid comment.

It’s hard being me ^_^

There are times when this seems to be a good thing though. I was at a little dinner at my brothers place, and his fiancees parents made a small comment on how quiet I was, and I simply said, I just have nothing to say.
They commented that I would be the best person in a meeting, not speaking when I have nothing to say ^_^

But I do listen, the above conversation is true, I had that last Tuesday with a person at FutureShop. I was buying an Iron Maiden DVD at the time and that’s what started it all.
And listening is just as important as talking.
I watch, I listen, I record. It’s what I do. I observe life, well, other people’s lives, I live my own. I guess that’s important too.

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