As I mentioned I’m looking into buying a house.
Now, I actually have a few choices in my price range. I think I should be talking to the agent about them.
1. Condo – Looks nice, cheapest so far, but extra $250/month
2. Townhouses – between 6 and 16K more, no extra fees, and rather easy to sell
3. Out of town house – so far, only seen one for sale, but cheaper than the condo
Actually, that’s not true. I’ve found a few more that are actually rather cheap. I should ask about those.

I don’t mind moving out of town a little. I like driving. And where I work, moving out of town a little won’t be a big deal at all.
It’s not like I have to drive through downtown or anything. That would suck.

So many choices. Oh, and did I mention I’m dating again? Yea, thought I did.
Just keep piling it up I guess ^_^

Work isn’t killer yet. That kinda worries me.
I might be missing something.


  1. flying_squirrel

    Remember, around $200/month could be going towards an extra $20,000 on your mortgage. Is a driveway shoveling service worth that much?

    That was my reasoning, anyway.

    Going out of town could be neat. Of course, it’s a harder resale and more up-keep. I thought about it, but around here, it really wasn’t any cheaper. Actually, it cost more. 😛

  2. sidekickca

    Out of town for me really means Carleton Place, which is just a new town ^_^
    And they just built a highway extension towards it, so it’ll become a new suburb shortly anyway.

    And no, I don’t think the condo fees are worth it anymore, but I might as well take a look since I’ve already booked it.


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