Chore Wars

Found this via Penny Arcade.

It’s Chore Wars. Basically, like D&D for housecleaning and stuff.

I have a party, if anyone’s interested, comment, and I’ll post invite codes.

Can’t help think Tara would love this and pass me in levels in no time XD

EDIT: Since I’m DM(and a player, how cool) I’ll just post an invite code that anyone can use:

Have at it!


  1. olletho

    That is highly amusing. Scary thing is that it might actually work for at least a week or three.

  2. sidekickca

    It would get old kinda quick.
    Unless we had a weekly ‘gaming session’ 🙂

  3. flying_squirrel

    I’ll play. I need some sort of motivation. 😛


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