Another Christmas has come and gone in what seems like a flash. As usual, there’s so much build up and then, boom, it’s all done and all you see around you is wrapping paper and left over turkey.
We were in town this year for the holidays, as we’re going to try every other year out west. The morning started at my brothers for the gift exchange and some yummy breakfast. I was up early making the bacon. Early is relative of course as it was really 7am. Liam was still asleep as mom and dad wished they would be.
And it was an explosion of gifts and excitement as all the little boys were spoiled as usual 😉
Then for us it was home time and time to call far away grandma. At that time, there was more gifts to be opened and I think Liam was a little overwhelmed with new things. At least it was close to nap time, and I think he needed it. I know his parents did, so we took advantage as well. The turkey was in the oven and there was little that we needed to do anyway, so might as well recharge.
Dinner went well and we had my folks over. They brought mashed potatoes, stuffing and dessert. Such yummy things!
After that big meal, we just chilled, because really, that’s all you can so.
And that was Christmas for 2012.
How did you celebrate?

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