Christmas Decorating and whatnot

This weekend has been full of decorating the house for Christmas. Tara really gets into it, and I’m right beside her enjoying the time.

We got the tree up, but no lights or decorations. We also have snow flakes and whatnot hanging from the ceiling. It makes for a really cool effect. We also managed to put up a few of the outside lights. They’re wrapped in garland and framing the garage door. I would have had the other lights up, but the clips I put up there a couple of years back snapped off. They looked good until I tried to use them. Too bad, it would have saved a lot of time.

Tara also has the stockings hung by the fireplace with care.

This year, I think it’ll be fun, and maybe a little frustrating, to decorate the tree with Liam. He seems to have mastered putting things in things. But then he’ll tip the thing and spill all the other things. But he still wants to be helpful, and he is, in his own special way.

The rest of the stuff we have to keep out of his reach. He likes to reach and therefore tip things. Mind you, there’s one thing he can have. My parents bought him a ‘little people’ nativity set. He can play with that all he likes 🙂

Our Christmas shopping is almost done, mind you Tara keeps telling me otherwise. 😉 This year, for each other at least, we’re keeping it simple. We’ll hit the stores after Christmas and just pick out something that we each want. This way it’ll be on sale and there’s no guessing. Some years I’m good with gifts, others, not so much. Just ask 😀

That and we’ll be on the other coast so we just have to bring stuff back and no there. We’ll have to bring a lot of stuff back, mostly for Liam though. That’ll be ok. Or it’ll get shipped to us. That’ll work too.

We’re also getting ready for our own Christmas party. We’re going to have all the kids over(big and small) and make ginger bread houses. We’ll also do a little gift exchange, and all of that has been found/purchased already.


How are your Christmas plans coming along?

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