Christmas with the Fullers

Last night Tara and I were up pretty late just getting some last minute things done. This included wrapping gifts and making things for tonights dinner. Liam was being extra fussy, and actually needed two car rides to get settled. I suspect we’ve started a bad habit, but tonight he’s not going for one, and he’s quiet at the moment.

We finally rolled into bed at 2am, and Tara got me up at 4 to take over for her. Liam wasn’t too bad and I think I power napped for a little while, so I wasn’t feeling too bad. Then, at 7:30, he started just just smile at me, and I got a second wind 🙂 Tara came down at 8 and I napped until 9. After a wee breakfast, we packed it all up and went to my brothers for 10.

Thank god he had coffee on, but I only managed to get 2 ‘normal’ sized cups down. Not really enough. Which makes me think I drink too much or rely on it too much. Anway.

Matt and Vanessa had already had their boys open a bunch of gifts and we walked into the middle of them playing and generally entertaining themselves. This gave the adults time to have coffee and some snacks before diving into the other presents.
What we’ve been doing for the past few years is picking names for one gift, and then splitting the money that you would normally spend between a gift and charitable donation. With the bulk of it being the donation.

After this was all done we packed up and headed home to finish off all the things we didn’t get done. Turkey and whatnot. We were bagged though and it was a struggle just to stay awake. I was lucky enough to get an extra hour this afternoon, but Tara wasn’t so lucky. So, that’s why, while I’m writing this, she’s snoozing up stairs. Then she’ll tag me out. Boxing day will be official sleep day 🙂

My parents were able to join us this year and it was a nice little Fuller Christmas dinner. I really liked this as I’ll be away at Christmas for the first time next year, so it was nice to spend that extra little time with them.

And now I’m waiting on Tara to tag me out, watching the little man as he sleeps. Sooner or later he’s going to figure out what this whole Christmas thing is all about, and I’m going to love to see it through his eyes.

Hope everyone had a good Christmas this year, and I hope that 2011 brings something special.

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