Cigarettes and Perfume

That’s the lingering smell of a bachelor party.
It’s the kind of smell that reminds you of where all your money went the night before.
Strippers are not cheap, but they do provide an interesting and fun source of entertainment.

My brothers bachelor party, or bachelor day I suppose, was a long and fun event. But one that I am glad is over, and very happy at how it turned out.
In the late morning was golf. I guess the golf course we went too wasn’t too strict about start times, because I think everyone showed up late and we just got things going more or less when we felt like it. That was a good time. We played 18 holes of best ball. Best ball is the only way to go when you have people of different skill level playing in the same foursome. My brother and one of his friends could actually hit the ball in more or less a straight line, and for a decent distance.
I could hit the ball. Granted, when I did, it went straight, just not very far.
Guess it’s a start. ^_^
That lasted 5 hours! Who knew that best ball could last that long?!
And boy, did I get some sun. Still feeling it.

The next “event” was not really an event per say, but a BBQ. This did introduce the wedding dress that my brother would be wearing for the remainder of the night.
Actually, as I’m writing this, he’s still wearing it. Sleeping in the next room.
There was at one point a penis hat, but that never made it out of the house for some reason.

Then we buggered off to go karts. That was also fun, but it turns out the only kind of racing I should do is in video games. Mind you, there was really no traction on those karts and you had to be “responsible” which meant no bumping, and that kinda sucks.

After that, the drunken debauchery really began.
We headed out to a bar that was tended by on of the guys soccer buddy. He got us on the A list, but that was really meaningless when we showed up. What it was supposed to do is not make us wait in line. But when we got there, there was no line to speak of and we just walked in. But the damn place filled up really quickly. And it was some nice eye candy. We were not the only pre-marriage party on the scene, I think there were at least 3 other bachelorette parties that joined us at one point.
And of course they went straight for the guy in the wedding dress.
Wouldn’t you?

Then the strippers. The single most expensive part of the evening. But that was know well in advance.
Not much to say about that really, if you’ve been to a strip club, you know what I’m talking about.
If you haven’t, then it’s a bunch of naked chicks dancing for you. Easy enough ^_^

I think we went to two different places, but were not able to get my brother up on stage. Too bad really, I wanted to see what they were going to do to him.

All in all, a very long and very enjoyable day. Just wish there wasn’t a soccer tourney happening across the street right now and all morning.
Would have liked to sleep a little longer. But I can nap this afternoon and go to bed early if I have to.
And I will ^_^

And it’s never a good thing to find out the morning after the party that the knob for the hot water faucet is broken.
Stinky me.

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