Clean AND Functional

It shouldn’t have taken this long, but it’s occured to me that the words Clean and Functional cannot be used in the same sentence when describing my room.
It a one or the other type of situation.
My room was clean last week. Then I started to use it. It stopped being clean that instant.
I suppose all I can ask for is Manageable. A path to the bed and computer(without having to go over the bed); enough room once every two weeks for the cleaning guy to vacume a little bit; no rotting food or people, that sort of thing.My Java class last night was great. And it’s not what I learned about Java that made it so great, it’s the fact that the instructor has changed the grading rules. Instead of the final being 100% of the final mark(which would kill me), he’s made two assignments, each worth 20%, and the final makeing up the rest. This is wonderful. I can do assignments, and now that the huge pressure is off the final that’ll be easier as well. It’s also sounding like it’s ‘open book’.
So after the job search thingy, I have to get cracking on the Java stuff.Woot!

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