Clues Finally for Sale in Hollywood

And it seems that they’re selling fairly well.

This article in the NYTimes says a lot.
But mostly it states that the heads of the big movie studios have finally figured out what the rest of us already knew; movies suck.

But not all movies, just 90% of them. And here’s the kicker, some of the bigwigs knew that they sucked, and still released them.
Should I laugh or cry at the knowledge?

For about two years, I think I went to the movies about…oh…once a week. Every time something new showed up, we would be there. Sorry, we is me and all the other people that were bored in Kanata.
That I know personally.
Anyway, we would go, even if it meant that we knew we would see something that might not be so great.
And we saw a lot of things that weren’t so great. But, I would say that about 50% of what we saw was good, at least worth admission.
This year, I don’t think I’ve seen nearly as many movies as I did last year.
And it’s not because of gas prices, my saving for a house, or any other factor other than 90% of what’s available, sucks.
And it sucks large.

It’s actually gotten to a point where my expectations are so low, if the movie makes me laugh once, or feel excited once, or doesn’t cause me to vomit…I’ve forgotten where I was going with that.
Maybe that’s the other problem. Short attention…thingy.

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  1. flying_squirrel

    I haven’t been going to many movies mostly because I have a hard time convincing other people to fork over the money. But yeah, lately, I haven’t felt like I’ve been missing much.

    What bugs me is that if Hollywood knows that it’s going to be throwing all this money away anyway, why don’t they just give it to really creative people and let them go crazy, rather than trying to micromanage every little thing and turning the few potentially good ideas into crap.

    It’s a naive dream, but it’s mine.


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