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In nothing else, these programming challenges have told me one thing:
I’m forgetting the fundamentals.

That has become painfully obvious with trying to get this last thing to work. It works now, but that’s because I’ve started adding extra “=” everywhere ^_^

My programming brain has atrophied. I’m making mistakes that I wouldn’t have made 5-10 years ago. This is what happens when you don’t do anything interesting for a long time.
But this is the point right? Brain flexing.
Must remember to stretch more though.

I’d post the results, but I think I goofed on the router setup and I can’t get to my home box at the moment…
Or, the house has exploded….and then not connecting to the home network has moved down in terms of level of importance…

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  1. thinkschematwo

    Good to see things are moving along nicely.

    I know what you mean about fundamentals, and the rest falling through the cracks… I’m not following a very comp sci or even structured approach (partly the simple nature of the problems, but also the ease of “sketching” in Python).

    Ideally I’d like to up the bar, but the stretching is certainly important (still don’t want it to be a nightmare to complete .though… it is for fun after all! 🙂 )


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