Coffee and Tea

I’ve been a coffee drinker for as long as I can remember. It started in high school, but usually at night with friends. I think it was college, living on my own, where I really started.

And I drank a lot of coffee during the mornings. Usually two to three mugs. And since it was office coffee, it was less than stellar. When I started to work from home, the coffee got better, therefore I drank more of it.

You’d think that this would keep me up at nights, and it’s very possible that it kept me up later than I really intended, but that’s not what this story is all about.

It’s what it did to my insides. Namely, I think it rotted them a little. See, I would drink, on average, 6 cups(actual cups, not mugs, so about 1.5 liters) of coffee in the morning. And that’s never including anything that I might have in the evening if I go out. So over time, that’s a lot of coffee. Hell, I don’t think, no, I know, I don’t drink as much water as that in a day. Fun fact, that’s roughly 920mg of caffeine a day. Funner fact, the majority of energy drinks in Canada have 150mg. Ugh.

So you can see why this might start to rot out my insides and possibly mess with the rest of my system. Oddly enough though, I never got the shakes or anything.

Another problem was cost. For some reason, the cost of coffee was going up and up and up. At least in the local store. I was spending up to $15/tin for coffee, and that was maybe a months supply. Now sure, it’s not a lot when you think about it, but it annoyed me non the less.

So one day, I just up and switched to tea. Nothing fancy, just the No Name brand orange Pekoe. It was $3 for 100 bags. It tasted alright and did the trick. Oh, and that’s close to two months worth for me Smile

After a week or so, I felt physically better. My stomach wasn’t doing flip flops and other things(better left unsaid) felt better too.

Granted, the caffeine content is a lot lower, so I’m not as perky at the end of the day as I used to be, but I can deal with that. Actually, it’s a good indicator at other things. Such as diet and exercise, that I should look at to deal with the non-perkyness. And that’s all good.

But, there are some days when the tea alone doesn’t do it, so Tara, my loving wife, went out and got me a box of Perk tea by Tetley. It’s tea that has the same caffeine content as coffee. I don’t use it daily, just on the days where I think I really need it. So I thank her for that.

Tea is where it’s at. It’s better for you(at least for me) and it doesn’t make you all twitchy(not that it ever did). It’s cheaper and easier to make without all that mess.

So how about you? Coffee, tea, or something different?

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  1. matt

    I hear you on the coffee thing…
    I did decaf for a bit, mixed with tea…
    My body responds better all around with coffee in it, but it did need a break for a bit.
    I like strong tea, so I find that tea is pain to scrub up after, but other than that, it definitely has its place in my cupboard next to my coffee.
    (Herbal teas are another, longer, story…)


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