Coffee Hour

So this week has turned out very much like last week.
Yet everyone I talk to seems busy.
Don’t get me wrong, I like slow work days from time to time, they let you catch up on stuff and ease stress and the like, but nearly three weeks of not doing much of anything, that’s boring.
And then you start to wonder; am I the only one not doing anything?
The answer to that came from my boss, and it was in the form of a question: I’m bored, who wants to go for coffee?
Of course, the whole team raised their hands, and we buggered off for about an hour, to go drink some coffee.
For future reference, the Java Chip at Starbucks, is not coffee, it’s this weird ice cream thing.
Who knew?
Well, now you do, that’s who.

We talked about Christmas vacations and where the best place to ski was.
I kept out of that conversation as my one and only ski trip resulted in a much buggered knee.
Sure, at the time I’m sure I did the right thing. While skiing out of control, I could stop myself on one of two objects; a little kid or a big rock.
Her father was standing right there, so I steered for the rock.
Shoulda hit the kid.

We also talked about the new game consoles and how much stupid people are paying for PS3s right now.
I mean really, why pay 5-10 times the price when the launch titles aren’t even that good?
I do remember when the PS2 came out, same problem, under production. This guy at work drove to New York just to pick one up for his son.
I don’t love anyone that much. 😛
But I think it was some kinda divorce thing. That makes parents kinda crazy.

I tried to bring up interesting things that I had done, like Bond.
No one else had seen it but they all wanted to. I think my mini review pushed that along.
It’s nice feeling useful.

We also talked about big expensive TVs. I have a 27″ TV that’s doing very well right now.
Sure, I would like something bigger and flashier, but I’ll wait until I’ve finished the basement before looking at that stuff.
I should start looking into how much it’s gonna cost me to finish the basement.
I should start saving for that.

That’s all I remember from that afternoon. It’s good to hang out with the people you work with for short periods of time.
And not discuss work.
My boss is trying to organize fun stuff like paint-ball. I hope that goes through, I’m finally healed up from the last time.
I generally don’t hang out with work folk. Mostly because I don’t have a lot in common with them. But this team is a little different.
We’re all roughly the same age(which is helpful) and although we’re not at the same stage in life, we do seem to have some common ground.

Looking back on that hour, it was probably the most enjoyable time at work in, well, a long time.
I hope it happens again.
It would be nice if we could do it on a regular basis.
I’m not talking about taking up a lot of time, but I think one hour a week would be nice.
The way things are shaping up, it could very well happen.
I hope work picks up, just not too much ^_^

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