Collecting Cartoons

With the recent surge of 80’s cartoons being re-released to my generation, I thought it might be a good idea to actually start collecting these for Liam.

So that’s my official excuse. Never mind that I started doing this before I met Tara even, I was always doing it for a future child of mine 😉

So far I have Voltron(and Go Lion just in case) and Transformers. I’m currently working on getting He-Man, MASK and GI Joe. And these are the original ones, no revamps. Mind you, the new CGI Voltron looks pretty…well…pretty. I’m sure there’s a ton of cartoons that I’m not thinking of, as I recall Saturday mornings really ran from 6am to about noon with back to back good cartoons. And that’s something I’m not seeing today.

Not to say that kids should be plopped in front of the TV all day, but Saturday morning should still be fun.

And I suspect that I’m really collecting all of this for me in hopes that he likes it, and that it might not actually live up to my memory.

But it’s worth a shot 😉


  1. Jennifer

    Don’t forget Jason and the Wheeled Warriors and G-Force!

  2. Matt

    I had much the same thoughts, but thus far have only introduced the kids to Gummi Bears (a hit), Scooby-Doo (a hit), and the 1967 Spiderman…

    At Christmas, we did Smurfs and He-Man/She-Ra… both to less than glowing results.

    Netflix has some stuff too (i.e. Inspector Gadget).

    I thought about Thundercats, Silverhawks, Galaxy Rangers and others, but most of those are just too expensive as far as I’m concerned. (Fair enough, you get a good number of episodes usually, but even still…)

    Of course, they’re resurrecting everything anyway… (G.I. Joe, Transformers, My Little Pony, to name a few that showed up recently) Not the same, but hey…


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