I’m a consumer whore.
And that’s why I have trouble with money.

I’m a impulse buyer. I see it, I think I want it, I go buy it.
And when I show some backbone and decide not to buy it, I feel guilty about it afterwards.

It has gotten better.
Because really, there was no place to go but up.

Hmm, this is sounding a little depressing, so let’s switch gears a little.

I collect all sorts of fun, and sometimes fancy, things.
From music to movies, toys to taters, I like anything that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
Or, has a really good beat.
Or, is covered in fake blood and gore ^_^

I think I’ve always been a collector. I can’t think of the first thing I started to collect, at least, not with someone elses money.
I guess it would be toys, but all kids ‘collect’ toys to some degree or another.
Not sure if that counts, but we gotta start somewhere.

The last thing I really remember my parents buying me sets of would be Lego, and more specifically, the Blacktron stuff.
It was new, it was cool, and it was lego. Three things that just can’t loose.
I also remember making a really weird role-playing game out of it.
Blackie and the Colour Warriors.
Or something like that.
It was fun ^_^

But yea, shortly after that I moved and then got a job. That’s where my own collecting started.
At first it was music, but that was expensive stuff, considering I just got into Metal at the time.
But real, ‘hard core’ collecting must have been comics.
When I first moved to Ottawa, the first order of business was to hit all the Comic shops, and then I started subscriptions with the closest one.
I think I made about 400/month at work(at best, it’s kinda hazy) and spent most if not all on comics.
Not comic related things(figs, movies, etc) just comics.
Smokes and music took a second seat.
Then I changed jobs, and then buggered off to college.
Any hard core collecting had to stop at that point, mostly due to lack of funds.
Hey, if I couldn’t afford to eat, then I couldn’t buy comics.

Which is really too bad, because in College I really came into anime, and we all know what that kind of market can be.
The co-op jobs helped for funds, and I began the long expensive otaku trek.
My drug of choice were Gundam models.
Over the years, I must have spent about $4000 on models alone.
What made this worse was that I’m also a completest.
If I have one thing, I need the companion piece to it.
Every convention I went to, I had to get some. And Anime Expo was the most expensive for me. I’m not sure of the final tally, but I think about $2000 was spent there, mostly on models.
That’s where I had to take a real serious look at what I was doing.
I knew I had to cut down.
So for a few years I did. A year spent unemployed also helped.
A year living with my folks really helped 😛

I held off on stuff, and for the most part I’ve been pretty good.
Not to say there isn’t room for improvement. Lots of improvement. I don’t buy as many movies these days, and if I want to make large purchases on Action figs or toys, I really struggle with it.
This year hasn’t been particularly good for that, but I think I hit my limit with the transformers stuff.

I also have different priorities. Sooner or later I should look into making improvements to the house, and that’s gonna cost money.
Serious toy money.
That, and I have to maintain my car, as I can’t afford a new one right now.

But don’t get me wrong, I like collecting things. I’m not sure why I do, but it makes me feel giddy getting the new action figure, the new toy, the new whatever.
I just have to watch it a little closer these days is all.


And it doesn’t help that my sister-in-lay bought me the Star Wars Mr. Potato head!
She shouldn’t encourage these sorts of things 😛
Not that I’m complaining…..

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