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A few comments to respond to:
Yes, I will post, ot make available, the test document that I am writing for myself. Be warned though, it’s just a collection of thoughts, and worse yet, a collection of MY thoughts.
Friday night I saw Shanghai Knights and it very much made up for the Tuxedo. The Tuxedo was not a Jackie Chan movie. It made me feel sad. I felt bad that obviously Jackie is getting old and can’t do a lot of his own stunts, or that people aren’t letting him and he has to resort to wire work(which I like, but it’s just not Jackie). Very obviously Jackie had more control on Shanghai Knights and it looks like he’s not aging at all. The fight sequences were unbeleivable and the whole movie was just a joy to sit through. Although they have to stop with the historical name dropping….it’s getting old. I personally didn’t feel that the movie was too loud, but it’s possible I’m going deaf. I’m still old though.
The next revision of this web site will allow those that are viewing it in 800×600 to see it properly. Sorry about that, it was an oversight.
Darcy, I think I deleted a few too many of your comments. Sorry about that.
Oh, and I’m still exercising daily. Biking daily actually, but it’s a hell of a lot more than I did before.Other than all that, it’s still Monday for a few hours more, tomorrow I have the interview, and then……


  1. matt

    Hey, I checked back… and still nothing! (You’ve got 75 minutes bub! Ah, who’re we kidding… It’s already past my bedtime. 🙂
    Anyhow, good luck tomorrow!

  2. aelfric the getting older by the minute

    Cool.Read an interview with Jackie where he said he hated Tuxedo and felt like he’d been had – and that he enjoyed Shanghai (both). So there you have it!I’ve taken tomorrow off as well – I’m feeling better now, but fuck it, tomorrow’s a day I should be allowed to have off anyway, so I will.Off to get old,B.


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