Computers, I stab at thee…..

I’m having problems putting Linux on the laptop. The only decent one that’s worked so far is Mandrake 9, and it freezes then I use a menu in Gnome. I think that’s because I had the latest version of XFree86, and it didn’t like that.
All the other ones have had problems installing because the CD ISO’s can’t find their own fucking source directories! But they don’t tell you that they can’t find these directories when they search for them, only when you’ve put the time in to do the rest of the setup!
And before anyone asks, yes, I did read the install files, they don’t help in the slightest.
I just don’t have the patience for this sort of shit.
Mandrake seems to know where everything is and what to do with it, so I’ll try it again with a earlier version of XFree86 and see what happens.


  1. xf86aelfric the unlikely

    Too bad I’m not in Ottawa for longer – as I’m pretty certain I could get Slack on there. There are resources for this sort of thing – let me go find them… and then lie down. There was rather a lot of vodka last night.

  2. SideKick

    I’m starting to wonder if I even want Linux on my laptop. Hell, I don’t even know what I’d use it for, too bloody slow. I think I saw it and had to so something with it….you know how it is.


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