Cottage and the weekend

Off to the cottage tomorrow(err…today I guess).
Not mine I’m afraid, but close enough 😛

And then it’s no work till Wednesday.

I think I’m getting bored with the radio thing. It really doesn’t help that I make up a quarter of my listening audience.
I might keep it up for a little while, it might get better. Or, I might find a different station. Who knows?

Also might redo the home network, get things up to the latest level, and arrange things a little differently.

That, and I really need to clean the house up. Not sure what that has to do with the network, but whatever.

I think there might be something wonky with the cell. Seems to be turning off randomly. As in two to three times a day. Not helpful.
It might be the battery. I’ll order a couple of cheap replacements to see if that’s it. If not, I might have to resort to more drastic, and probably not overly legal methods.

Watched all of Firefly this week, and it struck me that Wash is the sci-fi character I always wanted to be.
Not the hero, but the pilot of a ‘junker’.
The one that could save other people, or just keep the thing in the air. That’s where I always pictured myself.
Too bad what happened to him though, can’t say I would want that ^_^
I’ve never wanted anything like the Enterprise, always more of a ‘this side of falling apart’ ship person myself.

ok, need to sleep.

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