TMNT rocked!

The Turtles are back in all their glorious 80’s action.
Yea, it really hasn’t changed much since the original films/tv shows.
But that’s ok!
Really, it is.

This isn’t a retelling of the main story(thank god) but basically a equal of the first movie.
No Shredder. It’s a spoiler, but nothing that the first 5 minutes wouldn’t clue you in on.
It also doesn’t go into any great detail of the characters.
You either know them already or you don’t.
I did.

The first few minutes jump in and bring you up to date, while the next 20 minutes let you know what’s currently going on.
After that it’s all Turtle action.

It’s all CG, but not Pixar. However, there’s a very strong Incredibles feel to it. In fact, I wouldn’t doubt that production started around the time Incredibles came out.
Again, it’s not Pixar. I kinda stress this because it’s a level I’ve become accustom to with CG movies.
However, there’s this roof-top fight in the rain scene that just totally blows you away!
It looked sooooo good.

The plot, well, is very Turtleish. Those that know TMNT know what I mean.
It’s not deep, meaningful, just fun.

Highly recommended for TMNT fans.

For the rest of you; if you didn’t like TMNT before, you still won’t.


  1. olletho

    And let me guess, there is lots of talk of pizza.

  2. sidekickca

    Actually, no.
    I mean, there are scenes where they’re eating it, but they don’t go on about it at all.
    Kinda refreshing actually.


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